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Publicis Media to promote ‘new retail’ in Alibaba’s Double 11 Festival

2017 Double 11 Global Shopping Festival is yet to raise the bar higher once again with the assimilation of Alibaba’s full ecosystem working together to showcase a ‘new generation’ of retail. This year Publicis Media are collaborating with Alibaba to make this project an even bigger success.

Publicis Media started to prepare for Double 11 three months ago with key clients. This year, as Alibaba’s first agency partner of the Ali Uni-Marketing offering, Publicis Media has been helping brands to utilise various Uni-Marketing products and technology to drive innovation and deliver the best performance leading to the much-awaited Double 11 gala.

Alibaba’s mission is not only to expand the online retail scale but also to help digitalize marketing of brands through internet technology and big data. Tmall Double 11 is no longer chasing for GMV (Gross Merchandise Value), but instead aims for better customer service and helping Tmall shop owners to make their business more successful.

With close collaboration with Alibaba, international media agencies can support their client more effectively in both branding and marketing. This will help to boost innovation and implement an era of “New Retail” as mentioned in Jack Ma’s latest speech.

The 2017 Double 11 “War” roadmap was built by Publicis Media in early July, consisting of different specialists working together with their clients to get them involved in campaign planning as early as possible.

Back in 2013, the huge sales from Double 11 surprised clients and agencies alike. Since then they began to analyse and understand the rules of the game and its implications on the rapid e-commerce development in China.

With the growing influence of Double 11, more and more global brands decided to join. As their partners, the media agencies also accepted the challenge. “11.11 was a fantastic opportunity to reach consumers close to the point of purchase with quality content, through KOLs, live-streams, short video clips and many other content opportunities available. In addition, Uni Marketing added a new layer of opportunities for brands. Uni Marketing enables scaled personalization. Databank gives unparalleled granularity as well as business and consumer insights. Brand Hub enhances the capability to optimize our content and consumer relationship strategies,” said Mathias Chaillou, CEO, Performics Greater China.

“We have gone through a revolution. Our focus has shifted from driving sales to leveraging data and the entire ecosystem. We have moved with Alibaba and TMALL from thinking how to operate a sales channel, to how to build brands throughout the consumer journey,” said Bertilla Teo,CEO, Publicis Media Greater China.