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Real time bidding set to grow in China

The media buyers in China can now look forward to get most out of their online spend, as real time bidding or RTB is becoming the norm in the market. This was revealed in the recently held IPINYOU Digital Advertising Technology Summit—Global RTB Summit 2012 in Beijing. Organised by IPINYOU, one of the leading Chinese digital advertising company, the summit is being touted as the largest RTB summit in China. The company claims that the success of this event also shows that buyers and brands in China are ready for RTB, and this mode of digital advertising is a hit with them.

Talking about the growing importance of RTB in the region, Xiaonan Huang, CEO of IPINYOU said, “It is widely recognized that the traditional advertising buying model will be more and more replaced by an audience centric buying model. This will not only increase the industry’s total value, but also benefit advertisers significantly. RTB is how big data plays a role in the whole digital advertising space and China will definitely witness this revolutionary change. IPINYOU aims to promote the development of the RTB ecosystem in China and hopes to bring advertisers and publishers alike to the same page through this global RTB summit.”

RTB is a relatively new method of selling and buying online display advertising in real time one ad impression at a time buyers are able to acquire impressions they want at a price that matches their goals and objectives. For buyers, RTB offers the possibility of buying only the impressions they need at a price they are willing to pay by utilizing proprietary optimization algorithms of DSP systems

IPINYOU is one of the leading digital advertising technology companies and the largest DSP in China. The company is dedicated to building a communication platform between China and global RTB players. At this summit, IPINYOU also released China’s first digital advertising audience taxonomy (“DAAT”) white paper. According to Huang, the DAAT whitepaper is the first of its kind industry standard on audience taxonomy. “The whitepaper reveals that IPINYOU has leveraged advanced science in marketing, information management, statistics, sociology, and pattern recognition. The taxonomy system has been fine-tuned by IPINYOU scientists over the past 3 years through numerous experiments and has been proven to be an effective tool that advertisers can use to understand audience and improve advertising results,” she added.