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Reprise appointed to South Australian Govt’s media panel

Reprise has confirmed their appointment to the South Australian Government‘s Media Panel following a competitive tender process.

This marks the second key appointment for Reprise Australia in 2019, closely following the announcement of their appointment to agency of record for Monash University.

The Reprise team put forward an integrated offering to service the government account in collaboration with media agency UM, who have extensive government experience working with both the Australian Government, and NSW Government.

This latest win is a clear demonstration of Reprise’s growing momentum in South Australia, since launching their Adelaide office in 2016.

Jasmin Donnellan, head of Reprise Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide commented, “We are incredibly excited to partner with a progressive and people focused organisation like the South Australian Government. The opportunity to scale the breadth & depth of our digital expertise within the SA market, while simultaneously providing economic, social and reputational benefits, is one we take very seriously.”

Donnellan continues, “We are absolutely committed to investing our time and energy into scaling this growth market. We have already begun working with key universities to identify and upskill new talent. We will also be hiring for a state business leader focused on driving an audience-first digital strategy, with the speed and agility to capitalise on the deep audience insights that Reprise has become known for.”

Dr. Grace Liu, CEO Reprise Australia added, “A progressive government requires a progressive approach. We strongly believe that the digitally led thinking of the Reprise/UM partnership is a timely and strategic fit for Government of South Australia, as well as an opportunity for us to extend our remit to service all of State. The symbiotic partnership between Reprise & UM provides a deep understanding and respect for our audiences, while also driving consumer curiosity and lasting change.”

Fiona Johnston, UM CEO commented: “We are delighted with the care and confidence shown to us with this appointment. It’s a great team effort and shows how strong we can be when we join up our brilliant online and offline team thinking. We’ve had such a great experience with our family in Reprise. We look forward to doing the best we can for the South Australian Government.”

Department of the Premier and Cabinet Communications Director Jehad Ali congratulated Reprise on the appointment.

“After a thorough and independently-evaluated tender process, I am excited by the decision to appoint three South Australian-based businesses to provide advertising media services to the South Australian Government, and congratulate Reprise on their appointment.

“In selecting a panel of agencies we open up the opportunity for a wider range of local suppliers to be able to compete for government communications projects.

“The media landscape has changed significantly, and it was crucial we appointed agencies that could deliver contemporary media strategies to efficiently and effectively communicate with local, national and international audiences.”

The Reprise appointment to the South Australian Government Media Panel commences 31 March 2019.