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Mobile RTB spend in China rises by 616% in Q2 2014

As the digital scenario, that is primarily driven by the mobile media, in China shapes up, real time bidding platforms are also seeing growth in the market. The fact is vindicated in Smaato’s recently released global mobile RTB Insights Report for Q2 2014. The report is an in-depth analysis of worldwide exchange data, auctions, bids and impressions across Smaato’s SMX platform. It highlights the continued growth of mobile RTB in 2014 and the growing importance of data in mobile advertising across all regions.

Smaato owns and operates the leading global mobile RTB ad exchange and SSP. Smaato’s SMX platform serves 90 billion+ ad impressions per month to 450M+ unique visitors in US, EMEA and APAC regions.

In its new report, based on worldwide data sampled from SMX activity in Q2 2014, Smaato found that RTB spend grew 69 per cent in Q2 2014, compared to Q1 2014. This quarter also saw a 456 per cent increase in mobile RTB spending over the same quarter last year.

Additional findings from the quarterly report include:

The top publisher content category most in demand by advertisers

While entertainment and media remain one of the top advertising categories, with 24 per cent of the overall revenue share, the food and retail category grew from 8 per cent in Q1 2014 to 25 per cent in Q2, overtaking entertainment and media as the top category with the highest spend from advertisers. A similar up-and-comer was found in China, where RTB spend grew more than any other individual region

Compared to Q1 2014, RTB ad spend in China rose by 616 per cent in Q2 2014. While the United States still reigns supreme with 65 per cent of the global RTB spend coming from the nation, other emerging countries like Indonesia, Switzerland, France, Argentina and Thailand are following in China’s footsteps with very significant quarter-to-quarter jumps, proving that RTB advertising spend is growing fast worldwide.

“Brands are embracing RTB as a source for premium inventory. With programmatic advertising spend from new sectors like CPG and regions like China rapidly increasing, mobile ad spend is seeing a phenomenal growth, and that growth trend will continue in the foreseeable future,” said Smaato CEO Ragnar Kruse.