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Rubicon Project rolls out server-side header bidding closed beta

Rubicon Project, the Global Exchange for advertising, has launched an open source server-side header bidding solution in closed beta. As a founding member of Prebid.org, a consortium dedicated to the development of open source seller monetization tools, Rubicon Project built this solution based on standards that are neutral, adaptable and transparent to all industry players. The new solution fully supports Rubicon Project’s world class private marketplace capabilities including the unique ability to easily prioritize deals.

Tom Kershaw, Chief Technology Officer, Rubicon Project and a director of Prebid.org, commented, “The move towards industry-wide adoption of server-side solutions is a massive step in the right direction as it puts the monetization where it should have been in the first place — placing the burden on the server and removing it from the web page. However, to truly improve the inefficiencies inherent in header bidding and create a better user experience across all parts of the digital advertising ecosystem, you must also go open source. Only open source is transparent, fully auditable and provides publishers one software stack, giving them the best chance for interoperability.”

Rubicon Project’s server-side solution is free for sellers and delivers unique functionality, including:
• Effortless Client-Side Header Bidding Integration: Seamless integration with Prebid.js, the most widely adopted client-side head bidding technology in market.
• World Class PMP Functionality with Deal Prioritization: Fully supports end-to-end private marketplace (PMP) deals, allowing sellers to prioritize PMPs with a simple click.
• Full Support from Rubicon Project Account & Tech Teams: Comprehensive hands-on service and support for installation, yield management, maintenance and troubleshooting.
• Easily Configurable to Existing Header Bidding Configuration: The ability to adopt server-side header bidding alongside current header bidding configuration, enabling a gradual and phased migration from client to server-side solutions

Pieter de Zwart, VP of Engineering at Rubicon Project and President of Prebid.org, commented, “In order for header bidding to be sustainable, the industry requires solutions that offer solid user sync and match rates, adoption rates at scale, full transparency of auction dynamics and the ability to transact in open and private marketplaces. Our open source solution announced today addresses all of these requirements, while providing our clients with white-glove service and support. We look forward to continuing to champion and support open source technology that delivers the best results for sellers.”

Rubicon Project’s open source server-side header bidding solution supports desktop browser and mobile web, with mobile app and video functionality expected in early 2018.