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Samsung launches life-saving app that prevents negative comments

BBDO Bangkok has partnered with Samsung to create Predict To Prevent – a predictive text function that recommends the right mix of words to someone who is hurting.

350 million people worldwide suffer from depression and communicating with people with depression can sometimes do more harm than good, despite their best intentions.

Texting is the main channel people use to communicate with one another, and for people with depression, communication via text is riskier than face to face communication because readers are unable to recognise tone of voice, facial expressions or body language.

Knowing that it only takes one word to unravel a life, Samsung has partnered with BBDO Bangkok to create Predict to Prevent – a keyboard app for communicating with loved ones who have depression.

By utilising the predictive text function, the keyboard detects words that can potentially hurt people and recommends a better response to prevent the reader from misinterpreting the message, which can have a damaging effect on the reader; such as self-harm or suicide.

Predict to Prevent is compatible with every messaging application and the keyboard is available in English and Thai.