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SapientNitro helps clients engage consumers with EngagedNowSM

To help brand marketers and businesses to create immersive and multichannel customer experience, SapientNitro has launched Sapient EngagedNowSM. It is a cloud-based platform offering that gives marketers the ability to better engage today’s on-the-go consumers across an increasing array of digitally enhanced channels. By opting for this platform SapientNitro clients can create engaging campaigns without having to design, develop and support the infrastructure needed to enable these experiences. The company claims that EngagedNow is the first end-to-end platform that connects brands with digitally enabled consumers across an integrated set of channels — from web and mobile to tablets and digital signage.

“Speed to market has never been more critical, as today’s connected consumers expect highly rich, relevant experiences, wherever they are. Our clients are seeking innovative ways to deliver relevant content to their audiences without requiring hefty technology resources and capital investments. To marry the desire for rich experience creation with the agility marketers need, SapientNitro is introducing a fully managed, cloud-based platform that frees our clients from technology hassles so they can focus on their need: telling brand stories in ways that bring them closer to their customers,” said Chris Davey, global head of platform innovation at SapientNitro.

EngagedNow is a platform suite that can be used broadly by marketers across a range of industries. The suite also includes unique offerings and modular capabilities to support the specific needs of industry verticals, including sports & entertainment (Sapient EngagedFanSM) and travel (Sapient EngagedTravelerSM).  EngagedNow is a collection of proprietary cloud-based applications and 24/7 hosting and managed operations support. According to SapientNitro, these customizable end-to-end platforms help brands manage customer experiences across all digital touch points, leveraging data and insight to deliver contextualized experiences and personalized storytelling to boost engagement.