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SEA audience data spend rises six-fold in Q4

Brands are spending more on audience data worldwide with the automotive sector leading globally, especially the luxury vehicle brands. This is because the advertisers are willing to pay a higher price for intent data in order to reach potential buyers, highlighted the Eyeota Index report. Overall, the sectors’ data spend increased by 77 per cent during the quarter.

Finance advertisers were the second biggest spender on data globally up by 35 per cent, followed by electronics & computers, services & utilities and FMCG advertisers. The biggest consumers of B2B data were the finance and electronics & computers sectors, with data spend doubling over the quarter.

The biggest growth sectors for audience data were sports, multi-media, home & garden, food & beverage and medical. The sports sector grew 15.9 times more than average growth. This was three times more than multi-media, due to investment in the Asia-Pacific region.

In APAC, the highest growth sectors were sports, which grew by 28.3 times, 20 more times than second placed electronics & computers (8.5 times), food & beverage (8.1 times), home & garden (7.5 times) and FMCG (5.9 times). Such a huge surge in growth amongst sports advertisers was largely driven by major sporting events such as football during the end of the season.

The F&B sector ranked third, a trend unique to APAC. This trend potentially reflects seasonal behavior for advertisers, as they are interested in consumer behavior for year-end dining promotions.

The finance and electronics & computers sectors were the biggest consumers of B2B data in APAC, with finance advertisers also investing heavily in socio-demographic data.

Advertiser sectors in Southeast Asia that invested the most in data were: electronics & computers and finance. The former was a new sector to the audience data market in SEA and the latter grew over three-fold from Q3.

Speaking about the findings, Kevin Tan, CEO at Eyeota, says, “Southeast Asia is a promising market as more advertisers and buyers become more savvy in utilising audience data for accurate targeting. The region is in its early stages of growth of audience data expenditure. We observed growth in the region increasing more than six-fold in Q4 compared to Q3.This growth was significantly more pronounced for Q4 than the APAC region as a whole and is a trend likely to continue.”

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.