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Shifting the news media story to digital in India

As India gets digital-savvy, it is no surprise that media consumption patterns are changing, and the preferred news media platform is shifting from the traditional newspaper and television to digital device such as smartphones and tablets.

Experts argue that digital is the space to be, as platforms such as print, television and radio lack the potential to drive conversation on a global platform as they continue to be passive media and broadcast ‘narrowly’. Meanwhile, digital is an interactive media that gives consumer a glimpse of the global news trends too.

Radhika Shukla

Radhika Shukla

Key highlighting features of News Republic that differentiate it from other players in the market include its offline mode options, which allows the consumer to access news categories even in absence of internet network and text-to-speech feature. It is committed to customise news for every consumer and not irritate him with constant notifications. While uploading over 50,000 news articles daily, News Republic takes care that it is helping its consumer to reach out for the most relevant news, explained Radhika Shukla, India Country Director for News Republic.

Globally, with 12 million active users monthly, News Republic, mobile-only news platform is all set to woo the Indian consumer after its stint with Western and European markets and China. And seeks potential in markets such as Brazil and France, going forward.

Shafi Saxena

Shafi Saxena

Mobile advertising experts have pointed out that India serves as a perfect platform for publishers who seek to start global conversations and drive change. With change as the underlying motive under its belt, News Republic entered Indian markets eyeing its robust print and television media, and looking forward to adding digital to it with its media offering, said Shafi Saxena, Chief Brand Officer of News Republic.

No one can deny that there is immense opportunity in the digital news media. Further, this is not a media ahead of traditional platform but actually complements the efforts of print and television when the consumers wants to engage with the media, she added.

Media platforms making headways in India are committed to turning themselves into a two-way street in India that brings the world news to Indian audience and Indian news to global audience and only an interactive medium such as mobile can make this communication possible between global audience possible.

Nevertheless, India continues to struggle with some pressing concerns such as limited bandwidth and infrastructural deficiencies which keeps India from competing with other media superpowers across the world. Therefore, monetisation of the platform from marketers and advertisers will take time to materialise.

Going forward, India waits for more digital natives to join the media community that will drive the consumption trends in the country. Further, a digital India will prompt the advertisers to morph their advertisement for the digital platform – mobile.