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Singapore Life shows live birth in launch film

Bringing a new life into the world is one of the most life-changing experiences of a parent. In that first moment when you hold your child for the very first time, you know you are responsible for your most precious legacy. That moment changes how you see your life, your world and your future – that moment changes you, and you want to protect it.

It is this life-defining moment of an individual that inspired Singapore Life, the first local independent insurer in Singapore to be licensed in more than 40 years. Its launch campaign anchors on the raw emotions when a new life arrives – the love, pain, care, and elation of six pairs of real-life parents in the precise moment when their children is born in the operating ward or at home – to remind one of the innate need to celebrate life and protect the people we love. This is also the first time live birth, including home birth, is featured in a brand campaign in Singapore.

Walter de Oude, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Life, said, “The campaign implicitly parallels what Singapore Life stands for and why we are here. While alluding to the arrival of Singapore Life as the next generation of insurance for Singapore, the ‘Birth’ campaign also represents our understanding of the unwavering decision to protect the ones we love the most. Singapore Life is born of Singapore’s innovation, dependability and tireless search for a better way to do things. It is this belief that motivates our team to focus on the needs of our customers, empower them to protect the ones they love most, and be alongside them at their every significant milestones in life.”

The ‘Birth’ campaign features video footage and stills by Sydney-based, award-winning photographer and videographer – Hailey Bartholomew who is known for her black-and-white maternity shoots that capture the complex emotions accompanying childbirth. Over one month, she traced the journey and documented emotions of the six couples as they look forward to their new-borns – from the weeks leading up to the delivery till the birth. A new rendition of ‘Beautiful Dreamers’ by songwriter Stephen Foster, with its lyrics rewritten, was also commissioned for the campaign to illustrate the strong devotion parents have for their children.

The campaign was conceptualised together with digital creative agency, Dentsu X. Its Executive Creative Director Andy Greenaway, said, “Giving birth is one of the most incredible moments of our lives. It’s arduous, painful, and joyful all at the same time. We wanted to capture that moment on film with real Singaporean women. While most films that portray birth are glossed over, pretty and gooey, we wanted to show the rawness and reality of what it’s like to give birth. Because there is nothing more emotional.”

“What did we want to say with this film? Bringing a human being into this world is a big deal. It makes us think of our own mortality. It also makes us think about our responsibility for that fragile baby we hold in our arms. It’s defenceless, and needs our warmth, love and protection to grow in life,” Mr Greenaway continued.

On the concept of birth for life insurance, Mr de Oude added, “Having a baby is the single most important reason for buying life insurance. We don’t buy life insurance for ourselves, we buy it for others, for those that would struggle if we were no longer there. We wanted to capture the moment when that thought crosses a parent’s mind. I believe we have achieved that. It’s hard to keep the tears at bay when you watch the film. There has never been a piece like this done for a life insurance company. It’s a special advertisement. It stands for hope and for life.”

Singapore Life’s launch campaign will be rolled out online and across different above-the-line platforms including taxis from October 2017.