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Singapore Tourism Board signs advertising deal with Tencent

The International Business Group (IBG) of Tencent has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to jointly promote Singapore as a destination of choice for Chinese travellers through the use of Tencent IBG’s targeted advertising solutions.

Harnessing Tencent’s technologies and its strengths in Chinese consumer engagement, as well as STB’s industry influence and networks in Singapore, the collaboration aims to boost STB’s marketing outreach to consumers in China, enhance Chinese visitors’ experience in Singapore and encourage Singapore-based merchants to leverage Tencent’s platforms.

Poshu Yeung, Vice President of Tencent IBG, said, “We are pleased to be strengthening our collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board. Leveraging Tencent’s platforms that continue to grow in influence among the Chinese community, Tencent IBG’s tailored advertising and marketing solutions enable STB to raise consumer awareness in China and engage Chinese consumers during their stay in Singapore. Tapping into STB’s influence and network in Singapore, we look forward to further collaborations with other local partners seeking to target Chinese consumers through our products including WeChat, WeChat cross-border payment, as well as Tencent cloud and ad solutions.”

Lionel Yeo, Chief Executive, Singapore Tourism Board, said, “China is an important tourism key source market for Singapore, and we continue to see good growth from it. STB has been growing its digital footprint in its efforts to engage digital-savvy Chinese consumers through various partnerships, from attracting them to visit Singapore, to delivering an enhanced visitor experience while in Singapore, and to encourage the sharing of experiences post-trip. The partnership will enable us to reach our targeted segments in even more agile and effective ways through Tencent’s big data and multiple platforms. It will also complement our existing strong trade networks to promote Singapore as a top-of-mind destination for Chinese travellers.”

STB has been building affinity with the Chinese target audience through its WeChat subscription account and service account since 2014. Under this new partnership, Tencent IBG will help STB deepen its understanding of Chinese visitors by analysing user trends. Based on the analysis, it will recommend solutions to build brand awareness and product familiarity prior to Chinese tourists’ visits to Singapore as well as launching targeted ads to reach them while they are in Singapore.

STB will enable Tencent to tap into its influence and network in Singapore to promote WeChat, WeChat cross-border Pay, Tencent cloud and its ad solutions to merchants. STB will also encourage Singapore-based merchants to leverage Tencent’s various platforms to drive spending from Chinese visitors.