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Singapore yet to tap the mobile mktg space: Mindshare & Yahoo

In Singapore, the digital media spends contribute only USD 209 million of the total media spends of USD 1.6 billion and mobile contributes only USD 25 million or 12 per cent of the digital media spends, according to report jointly released by Mindshare and Yahoo titled ‘Creating Brand Connections’ which observes the trends in the industry and what can brands do to leverage opportunities in the mobile communication space.

The marketing industry in Singapore is yet to tap the potential in the mobile industry. People spend 8.4 hours of their day consuming media but the major portion is lead by PC and laptop with 2.9 hours, followed by mobile with 2.6 hours. They use multiple devices and according to the devices each individual adult owns 4.6 devices on an average.

However, immense growth is expected in the market. According to the report, the number of smartphones are expected to go up to 6 million in 2017 from 4.9 million now and consequently ad spends are expected to rise to 61 million from 25 million in the same period.

Among the digital devices, smarthphones are the most actively used with an average of 11 daily activities against desktop/laptop and tablets with an average of eight and seven daily activities.

Mobiles provide open and receptive opportunity for marketing, but leisure activities and news content are the major drivers for mobile use by leading need fulfillment of users with 72 per cent and 62 per cent, respectively. Meanwhile, find and buy activities only contribute to 33 per cent of users needs.

The top eight activities performed by a users on a digital device such as smartphone and tablet include – games, chatting or instant messaging, productivity, video calling, radio, social networking, photo/video and map navigation, the report said.

Further, for ZMOT activities such as pre-purchase research, purchasing a product online or researching on a product online after watching its advertisement on TV; web browsers have been preferred over downloaded apps on mobile phones on tablets.

Among this population, 87 per cent of the consumers have done pre-purchase research through their smartphones. This can be leveraged by marketers to enhance their potential consumer base in the market. Across various categories of products, consumer electronics lead with 81 per cent and clothes and shoes with 74 per cent under pre-purchase research bracket.