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Singaporeans go on a sandwich hunt for Subway

Very recently the agencies Rally and Initiative sent hundreds of men and women in Singapore searching for the Subway Man. This was a unique campaign that showcased how the social media can drive people to buy limited edition products and improve sales. The popular sandwich brand in Singapore, Subway had hired social marketing agency Rally, and media agency Initiative to create a campaign, combining activation and social media, to support Subway’s limited time only beef pastrami sandwich. All the users had to do was to use any of the social media channels to locate the Subway Man on the streets of Singapore, and then go connect with him in the real world to win a free pastrami sub.

Talking about the campaign Christopher Brooks, digital director, Initiative Singapore said, “The Subway campaign is a perfect example of the way in which we are leveraging Rally to engage target audiences in both the online and offline world. The campaign encouraged users to explore social media, and from there we took the digital experience and gave it real world implications.” The integrated campaign featured content on YouTube, Twitter and popular blogs. The custom content drove traffic to Subway Singapore Facebook page and encouraged users to interact with the application to uncover where in Singapore the Subway man was stationed.

Brooks claims that the campaign was a success with fans getting their hands on over 500 subs earning an 11 percent increase in Facebook likes in only 20 days. 500,000 unique users were exposed to the campaign through a range of social channels including their wall, news ticker and news feed. There was also an additional USD 21 thousand in added value from organic impressions. During the campaign period, 2,028 fans shared the word with their social network that led to additional 17,124 unique views. Comparing month-to-month data, the campaign saw a 466 percent increase in fan engagement.

The campaign surely paid off for Subway, as the sandwich brand was able to record an overall ROI on growth at 154 percent.