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Singaporeans love mobile devices

What would you call a nation of people of whom 66 percent check their mobile devices first thing in the morning even before they actually get up and look at their partners or their children? Mobile device obsessed obviously. This is what a majority of people in Singapore are. It is not surprising because MMA’s (Mobile Marketing Association) recent study on the smart phone usage in the city-state showed that smart phone usage is pervasive here, and the number of mobile subscriptions this year has reached 7.8 million, making the smartphone penetration rate – at 150 percent – one of the highest in the world.

MMA has released a series of SmartGraphics, titled Singaporeans & Their Smartphones: Obsession or Addiction illustrating statistics from a survey of mobile phone users in Singapore. The SmartGraphic reveals that a startling 90 percent surveyed own smart phones, and shows that these ubiquitous mobile devices are fast becoming an obsession with Singaporeans. Commenting on  results in the infographic,  Rohit Dadwal, managing director, Mobile Marketing Association APAC, said, “The results while unusual are not surprising. More and more we see people who have come to view their mobile devices as an extension of themselves and feel anxious and handicapped without them.”

The infographic also showed that 96 percent of respondents use their mobile phones as a travel companion when commuting on trains and buses, and 84 percent of respondents admit to checking their mobile phones when they wake up in the middle of the night. Not just that 60 percent of the people who responded to the MMA survey also love to multitask with their mobile devices while doing other things.

“The eagerness of consumers to adopt mobile services such as mobile payments indicates the great potential of mobile in business. The survey results show that activities such as mobile banking, payments, and shopping are already extremely popular,” added Dadwal. In fact following figures – 58 percent have made a purchase on their mobile phone, 36 percent are regular viewers of deals or mobile couponing apps on their mobile phones, and 58 percent of respondents have used mobile banking at least once – proves Dadwal’s point. In fact the infographic shows that 75 percent of respondents are receptive to mobile advertising, of which 42 percent of respondents are interested to view mobile advertisements if there is a good deal available, and 32 percent want to see relevant material. “In the future, mobile will become even more deeply entrenched to become a fundamental part of day-to-day business operations. We will see mobile being used in innovative new ways as a channel for providing an even wider spectrum of services,” emphasised Dadwal.