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Sizmek rolls out programmatic ad frequency cap tool

Sizmek has launched Cross-DSP Frequency Capping, the first iteration of their Cross Media Plan Optimisation solution that enables agencies and advertisers to maintain ideal ad exposure for each user, across media plans.

Brands’ media plans contain several isolated IO plans and DSPs, and the data resulting from interactions between different technologies used by ad buyers fails to illustrate a holistic user-focused picture where frequency capping can be effective. According to a 2016 report from Forrester on attribution, decision makers are driven by the need for a more precise reach strategy (75 per cent), more effective targeting (71 per cent), and adjusting media spend across channels (67 per cent).

The Cross-DSP Frequency Capping solution provides advertisers with the ability to engage relevant and interested users across their entire media plan, ensuring ad spend is utilized efficiently. Furthermore, Sizmek’s Cross-DSP Frequency Capping solution ensures ad buyers have the tools they need to effectively manage budgets through the use of timely engagement data including flexible viewability measurements, completion of video, and converted users.

“With Sizmek’s Cross-DSP Frequency Capping tool, we’ll be able to deliver campaigns to the right people, determine which are most effective, and redirect our advertising dollars to increase ROI and improve brand engagement. Especially when Frequency Capping is the basis for establishing real optimization against user engagement within a media plan, industry leaders need to be able to recognize the same users across different platforms—this ensures we aren’t wasting our clients’ ad spend by buying the same user multiple times, which also creates an annoying customer experience,” said Robert Horler, former U.S. Chief Executive at Dentsu.

“The main problem our industry, and advertisers in particular, face today is that current tools only offer partial solutions to optimizing media campaigns. DMPs mostly integrate with DSPs one at a time, missing the connection between pre-bid inventory filtering and post-bid engagement as well as lacking access to campaign performance data. Also, Meta DSPs, as part of their core DNA, are not connected with the entire ecosystem. Cross-DSP Frequency Capping evolves how the market addresses this challenge, and helps advertisers maximize their return on ad spend, while enhancing customer experience,” said Mark Grether, Executive Chairman at Sizmek.

Sizmek Cross-DSP Frequency Capping is available globally through Sizmek’s network and integrated partners.