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Sizmek unveils solution for advanced TV

Sizmek, the independent buy-side advertising platform, has launched a new Advanced TV initiative with plans to roll-out a fully integrated solution across linear, addressable, and connected TV later this year.

Soon, advertisers and media agencies will be able to apply AI-driven insights from digital advertising to TV for optimal targeting, reach and frequency across the full campaign.

“We consistently hear from agencies that one of their biggest challenges is achieving reach and frequency, while using media efficiently. Audiences are moving away from linear TV and toward Addressable TV, Connected TV, and OTT. This fragmentation is a challenge we are trying to solve. Our ability to leverage AI-driven insights from digital advertising to Advanced TV allows us to offer the best possible solution to marketers and agencies,” said Mark Grether, CEO Sizmek.

Last month, Sizmek released an enhanced version of their industry-leading AI-powered DSP, offering advertisers and agencies greater efficiency and effectiveness for programmatic buying. Today’s announcement represents a logical next-step, to bring together data, media, and creative across all digital media channels, now including TV.

Today’s solutions for buying the various forms of TV require multiple vendors — with different sets of data and inventory for linear and every category of Advanced TV. The result is often over delivery against target audiences due to inability to optimise for reach and frequency goals.

By working with data and supply partners across the Advanced TV landscape and using AI to bridge the gaps between them, Sizmek offers a single platform for buyers to activate and optimise their TV campaigns within a vast pool of integrated inventory.

“Sizmek has proved it consistently invents new, innovative and data-driven ideas that help extend our awareness for client campaigns and optimise our return on ad spend. With Sizmek’s digital knowledge around advanced TV plans, it helps us execute more comprehensive campaigns that reach our clients’ target audiences across all channels and devices,” said Carmen Graf, SVP Executive Media Director at GSD&M.

With this new offering, Sizmek helps buyers overcome the difficulties with varied access to supply. This is the first phase of an Advanced TV initiative, with plans to introduce support for smart audience targeting, allowing for greater reach and frequency control, as well as deliver superior insights into video consumption and ad effectiveness, allowing marketers to make the best use of their media budgets, and produce optimised media plans.