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Social ad spend rose 86% globally in 2015

New ad formats such as Facebook Dynamic Product Ads and increased inventory through Instagram has led to social ad spend increasing eight per cent quarter-over-quarter (QoQ), eclipsing the mark set in the Q4 holiday shopping season of 2015, and improved 86 per cent year-over-year (YoY). This was highlighted in an infographic released by Kenshoo.

There was a 13 per cent increase in paid search spend YoY, buoyed by increased spend on mobile ads (77 per cent YoY) and product ads (98 per cent YoY). Phones and tablets combined for a majority of clicks in both paid search and social (52 per cent and 71 per cent respectively).

“Following a fourth quarter which demonstrated the value and performance of product-focused ad types in paid search and social during peak shopping season, marketers continued making good use of specialised ad types in Q1 to keep building momentum,” said Chris Costello, senior director of marketing research for Kenshoo.

Overall, social impressions increased 14 per cent QoQ and six per cent YoY. Social clicks increased 19 per cent QoQ and 54 per cent YoY and social click-through rate increased four per cent QoQ and 45 per cent YoY.

The infographic highlighted that paid search impressions decreased five per cent QoQ but increased 31 per cent YoY and paid search clicks decreased 6 per cent QoQ but increased 36 per cent YoY. Paid search click-through rate decreased one per cent QoQ but increased four per cent YoY.

“New social ad types, new destinations like Instagram, and the continued growth of mobile allowed advertisers leveraging Kenshoo to effectively balance a growing set of opportunities and drive significant growth in impressions and clicks year-over-year,” Mr Costello added.

“Mobile devices have become the centerpiece of people’s day-to-day lives, enabling everything from communicating with friends to making purchases and everything in between. Kenshoo’s industry leading offerings allow us to capitalise on new ad types from top publishers, outmaneuver competitors and connect with people at the most critical moments to fit seamlessly into their treasured mobile experience,” said Casey Wilson, director of digital media, Chacka Marketing.

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon, Special Correspondent at Digital Market Asia, is fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, and has focussed on tracking developments in the field in Asia Pacific.