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Taking the e-way for F&B industry in India

Tracing growth in the food ordering business, VivaConnect is testing waters of the food and beverage industry in India with order management platform – DONE. In a conversation with Digital Market Asia, Himanshu Khona, Director of DONE discusses the opportunities and challenges in the food and beverage industry in India.

In 2014, Mr Khona and Vikram Raichura founded a cloud based order management platform to enhance the food ordering experience for the consumers in India. Unlike many emerging platforms in the Indian Digital Space, DONE is engaged in covering all the possible platform of placing an order – phone calls, web or mobile app as Mr Khona seeks to cover the tier 2 and tier 3 geographies in India which continue to lack in terms of internet penetration.

Opportunities in Food and Beverage Industry
The Food and Beverage Industry is highly unorganised in terms of delivery management, order management and hiring people for the same. “So our focus is on the order management where we process orders right from generation where the consumer order from mobile, web or call, to the outlet,” said Mr Khona.

Further, several food and beverage startups in India have started mushrooming and DONE is focussed on empowering these startups. “We are still a year away from online food ordering picking up in tier 2 and tier 3 cities because of low internet penetration but in the next 2-3 years we tremendous growth opportunities in the space,” Mr Khona added.

Analytics of food ordering
However, food ordering management goes well beyond the taste buds of the consumer. DONE not only manages the order of the customer but is an analytics platform which captures all the detail of the customer at the first order to generate a behavioral pattern for the consumer, Mr Khona explained.

“A lot of companies involved in the business of food and beverages do not have any way of retargeting their consumer after they have placed the order. Through DONE there is also a lot of analytical data that goes into user behavior and the outlet, which can be used to retarget the consumer,” he added.

When strength becomes the challenge
The largest challenge for DONE is actually one of its strength – customisation. DONE is committed to creating a detailed profile for every consumer who accesses its services and it takes about a week’s time, pointed Mr Khona. Deep level of customisation obstructs scaling up the model.

“We have no competition from competitors perspective in India but from product perspective we have highly templates-based for our web application and we only have the ability to onboard only 2-3 customers every week from signing up to roll out,” Mr Khona said.

Another challenge that comes in way of growth of more such platform is the deficiency on the technological front. “There are still outlets which do not have internet connectivity so the challenge become how do we pass the order to them in a digital format,” Mr Khona added.

Going forward, the platform seeks to become a 360 degree transaction management system for the restaurant industry. The focal point of any food and beverage outlet is the ordering system whether triggered through royalty management, offer or dining. And DONE seeks to empower the entire gambit.

In a span of a year, DONE has on boarded 20 brands, 150 outlets across 3 cities, viz. Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. DONE clientele includes Box8, Pizza Corner, Juno’s Pizza, MD’s Pizza, Hangla’s, Naturals Ice-cream, RushHrs, Wok in the Box, iChef, Sandwizzaa, Cheelizzaa, Baskin Robbins, 6th Street Yogurt, Torrp it up, Eatsome, Khans, Zaffran, Dumadum Biryani, Kaati Zone, Eatlo, among others.Done-Infographic-3