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TAMO gets Indians guessing on Cemora’s identity

On the 7th of March, TAMO, TATA Motors’ sub-brand, launched RACEMO, a two-seater, fully connected, sports coupe at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show.

This car got the entire auto world to sit up and take notice, for the way it looked and what it could do. Meanwhile, in the digital sphere, Jack in the Box Worldwide in collaboration with TAMO launched a guerrilla activity to build intrigue and hype around the launch.

Kaizad Pardiwalla, President, Jack in the Box Worldwide, commented on the campaign saying “Our brief was to create tremendous hype and fan following for the car prior to its launch. However, we couldn’t reveal the name of the car, show the car, talk about the brand, or even reveal the fact that it was a car at all. A challenging brief like that deserved an out of the box response. That response was Cemora – a girl who took social media by storm.”

Sujan Roy, Head Marketing, Passenger Vehicles – International, Tata Motors said, “This was our first association with Team JITB. From our initial interactions, we found that the team has a deep and fundamental understanding of the digital medium and how to leverage it for maximum effect for the task at hand.”

Mr Roy further added, “During the association, what impressed us as a client was the entire team was focused, motivated and immensely driven by metrics – be it the KPIs that we set for ourselves, the time deadlines or the budgetary limits while never losing sight of the idea.
Working under extreme time pressure we never saw them faltering and they came across as a bunch of thorough professionals. It has truly been a joy working with Team JITB.”

In February this year, the internet was introduced to a girl named Cemora, who set out on a road trip, all by herself. She was a spunky, sassy girl who had no plans, no maps, just adventure on her mind.

She Instagrammed the entire journey through pictures, videos, postcards sent to her friends and followers, each one in her own trademark style. The subtle spin to the campaign was that everything was shot from the perspective of the car and hints were dropped all along.

Over 200 pictures and seven videos were posted. These were all shot and produced in partnership with in-house production company, Sniper, making this a truly integrated The 120 Media Collective initiative.

This campaign gained 12,500 followers on Instagram and Twitter, a reach of 12.1 million and a cumulative 1.7 million likes, shares, comments and video views.