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TCS & Wipro are content marketing leaders in India: LinkedIn

LinkedIn, professional networking platform, has released a list of leading international content marketers based on global content marketing score for 2015. Based on the score, Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro Ltd have emerged as the leaders of content marketing in India.

“Wipro has been producing engaging and futuristic content for the large user base across social media platforms. This recognition from LinkedIn encourages us to further deepen our social engagement with the global audience and validates Wipro’s position as a global influencer brand in the technology space,” said Naveen Rajdev, Chief Marketing Officer at Wipro Ltd.

The online marketing world is buzzing with content marketing and its emerging importance in the marketing scenario in India. The consumer is moving away from stereotype advertising and is looking for relevant content. Technology companies across India have highlighted that content marketing will ensure higher level of brand engagement beyond the number of website hits or Facebook likes, across various platforms.

The top five spots were secured by technology firms in India as TCS and Wipro were followed by other technology firms such as HCL Technologies, Infosys and Tech Mahindra, respectively. Other names featuring the list of leading content marketers in India include banking services such as ICICI Bank and Axis Bank, Housing.com, Tata Communication and Biocon.

Tech companies dominate globally too and ultimately came up as the winners this year with the number one on slot going to Microsoft for content marketing. Other tech companies included IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Google and Salesforce – brands which exemplify an always-on strategy that is rooted in quality of content. Media companies rounded out the second largest industry represented with Forbes, Harvard Business Review and Inc. Magazine at rising to the top.

Brands in India have the onus to provide relevant and engaging content to the consumer which will be responsible for repeated visits by the consumer. For the same reason we see content marketing thriving in India and becoming an integral part of digital marketing, going forward.