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Telecom biggest spender on mobile in APAC; Restaurants emerging fast

Telecommunication, followed by entertainment has emerged as the biggest spender on mobile advertising in the APAC region in Q1 of 2013, according to the SMART (Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting) Report conducted by Millennial Media. Globally too, telecommunication is the biggest spender on the platform. However, during the same period last year, entertainment and finance spent more than the category, worldwide.

While telecommunication (in APAC) emerged as the leading spender in Indonesia; entertainment spent the lion’s share in Australia.

The report breaks the myth that retailers and restaurants use mobile as a tactical tool to generate footfalls or for promotions like discounts and coupons. While the restaurant category emerged as the fourth largest spender on mobile in APAC, it was the leading spender in Singapore. Restaurants, particularly fast food chains used mobile with the intent of generating brand awareness. Together, brand awareness and site traffic made up 77 per cent of restaurant advertisers’ campaign goals in Q1 2012. Watching video as a post-click action also indexed very high for restaurant brands.

While in Australia, restaurants were the third largest spenders on mobile advertising, globally, the category was the tenth largest spender. Traditionally, the report combined spending by restaurants under the retail category. Considering the evolving mobile advertising landscape, restaurants as a category was listed separately in the report for the first time.

The report considered the Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, markets for its APAC report.

Campaign goals
In the region, while driving site traffic represented 43 per cent of the advertisers’ campaign goals; site search and app downloads were included as post-click campaign actions in 73 per cent of the campaigns.

While in Singapore, site search and app downloads were included as post-click campaign actions in 46 per cent of campaigns; in Malaysia, app downloads and enrolments were included as post-click campaign actions in 59 per cent of campaigns. Enrolments make sense from the point that product launch represented 36 per cent of the advertisers’ campaign goals in Malaysia.

In Indonesia, mobile was used by 45 per cent of advertisers with the goal of driving consumers to their locations, whether in-person or online; and site search and app downloads were included as post-click campaign action in 73 per cent of campaigns.

In Australia, driving site traffic represented 65 per cent of the advertisers’ campaign goals; and site search was included as a post-click campaign action in 55 per cent of campaigns on Millennial Media’s platform.

Biggest spenders per consumer
As consumer adoption of mobile devices continues to increase globally, there is a clear opportunity for advertisers to increase their presence on this most interactive of platforms. The UK and the US, as per eMarketer, are the largest spenders in mobile advertising per consumer, spending $49 per mobile phone user in each country. From the APAC region, Japan has emerged as the leading spender, investing about $30 per consumer. In comparison, the second largest spender in the region, South Korea, invests about $10 per consumer.