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Tevar takes over Facebook to launch its movie trailer

With the evolution in digital advertising, more and more brands are trying to leverage on the opportunities available in the social media online space. This trend is seen not only among tangible commodities but experiences such a movies as well. Following is an example of how Indian cinema is catching up with the trends in digital advertising.

Eros International’s Tevar is a movie about each individual’s attitude, and the marketing agency Glitch has tried to remain in sync with the movie’s tone of confidence while designing the campaign. The marketing campaign – Tevarbook was carried out for the launch of trailer of the movie. It has been attributed as the first Facebook takeover strategy in Bollywood.

The takeover began with the launch of the website tevarbook.com on November 7. Building up to the launch of the trailer, the Facebook takeover was a 3-day build-up activity from November 7-10. The user had to sign in with Facebook on the microsite. On signing in, the background of the microsite would be the user’s personal Facebook profile. The movie’s lead star cast, Sonakshi Sinha and Arjun Kapoor, would land on the profiles of the users on the microsite.

The users watched and listened as Kapoor and Sinha shot clever and boldly honest comments on the elements of the user’s profile, such as the display and cover pictures, with a touch of the movie’s trademark attitude before announcing the dates of the trailer’s release.

After having logged into tevarbook, the audience were auto-registered for the online flash mob, which officially announced the movie’s trailer launch through an auto-generated email, sent to each user along with its link. They could also share the trailer link, which helped the campaign reach a wider fan base, thus leveraging the view count.

The trailer earned one million views in just day. Then within 36 hours, the trailer had garnered two million views. Further, substantial traffic on the website Tevarbook.com was successful in establishing a personal connect to the fans.

Social media wasn’t far behind in registering traction with  tweets from popular Bollywood figures such as Varun Dhawan, Abhiskek Bachchan and Karan Johar. Meanwhile, Tevarbook was the top trend since the trailer launch for almost seven hours.