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Thai Health’s monk statue reminds drivers to drive safely

BBDO Bangkok has created the world’s first monk statue that cautions drivers while driving.

In Thailand, there are more than 35 million drivers on the road, and of those drivers 75 per cent place monk statues on their car dashboards because they believe that being holy, the monk statue can save them from road accidents.

However, Thailand still ranks second in the world for road fatalities.

To decrease accidents caused as a result of speeding, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation partnered with BBDO Bangkok to create the Speed Limit Monk Statue.

This innovative product detects legal speed limits, and should the driver exceed the limit, the statue will automatically play phrases warning drivers to be mindful, slow down and drive safe.

Using a GPS tracker and a speed detector, this technology was made available for free to all motorists, distributed at rest areas along public roads and highways during the Songkran Festival period.