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Thailand gets it first digital ad association

Digital advertising in Thailand has been seeing a steady growth over the last few years. Realising the need for an association to monitor this growth potential and help the agencies with various industry issues, nine well known companies in the digital advertising space in Thailand have come together to form the Digital Advertising Association of Thailand (DAAT), the first association of its kind in Thailand. The association will be based out of Bangkok.

The members of the Digital Advertising Association (DAAT) have appointed Siwat Chawareewong, CEO of mInteraction, as the President of the association.  According to Chawareewong digital advertising has been growing exponentially in Asia and worldwide with multiple Thai companies servicing the industry for over a decade and that the digital advertisers, brands, and marketers understand the value of digital advertising as a media necessity in essentially growing and reaching their target audience. “The simple goal of this committee, the Digital Advertising Association of Thailand among digital companies and advertisers as a whole, is to benefit the industry, companies, and consumers under the same direction,” he added.

The association will focus on creating more awareness about latest in digital advertising for the brands in Thailand, Emphasising this Chawreewong said, “The main objective of the DAAT is to publish the value of digital advertising, create reliability, educate and development of human potential in the advertising industry, and share digital advertising know how for the industry as a way to increase efficiency and demand of digital advertising into the industry.” Secondly DAAT will also work towards building a stronger network and cooperation among the agencies to further evolve the industry. “We also aim to foster cooperation with each member in order to raise the standards of vocation and morality in digital advertising,” he added.