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#DigitalKarma: The starting point

The internet is a place of contrasts. While there are a lot of well-designed and highly efficient websites, it plays host to a lot of poorly constructed, dysfunctional ones as well. With the rise of search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM), methods of generating traffic to the landing pages have evolved to a great extent. The aim of this, however, is to ensure that once a visitor undertakes this “journey” he or she should want to carry on further.

If their entry leaves them cold due to the lack of anything relevant, they’re more likely to leave than not. Having wasted their time and your marketing dollars, it is a situation that benefits no one. This is what makes optimizing the landing page so critically essential. So, how do you do this?

Here are some of the different and highly effective ways of optimizing your landing page in order to generate the best results.

  • Remove the clutter and have a clean and attractive design. This helps you avoid visual distractions and allows the visitor to focus on the primary message that the page wishes to convey.
  • Grab the visitors’ attention with a crafty and concise headline. It should be keyword optimised and convey a sense of urgency, compelling the reader to carry on!
  • Rather than writing endless paragraphs, use images and videos. This encourages the visitor to continue exploring the rest of the website and makes them curious for more.
  • Deploy a powerful Call-To-Action (CTA) strategy. Newsletter subscriptions, customer engagement tactics such as commenting, sharing, posting related articles, etc. are crucial tactics facilitating this next step.
  • Keep the content relevant. No one likes reading pages regarding something that does not concern them. Crisp, clever and concise content can result in a highly optimised landing page.
  • Simple and multiple navigation options such as categories, sections, tags, authors, search, content-types, bread-crumbs etc., makes the landing page user friendly and organized, which in turn optimises it.

Thus, landing page optimisation is fundamental as it forms the starting point of reference when someone wants to interact with the brand or an organisation online. Besides, as often the first impression is the last impression, it’s best to make it count!

Priyali Hooda

Priyali Hooda is the Senior Product Manager and Digital Media Consultant at KREATIO.