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Tic Tac’s tiny posters make a big impact in HK

Razorfish Hong Kong and Tic Tac have grabbed the attention of Hong Kong candy lovers; securing huge results with a small budget campaign.

Using a series of witty, super-tiny posters, the same size as Tic Tac packages, Razorfish Hong Kong quadrupled social interactions for the brand, delivering Tic Tac Hong Kong’s most effective campaign to date.

Joanna Kalenska, Managing Director of Razorfish Hong Kong said,“Tiny Posters was a proactive idea developed by the team who came to know and love Tic Tacs as a brand and as a product. With only the tinest of retail space, Tic Tac needs to punch above its weight to get noticed. This idea was a smart, succinct solution to bring awareness and deliver an important message that supported the brand as well as their retail partners. Our ‘Wall of Opportunities’ has been a great way to encourage the strategy and creative team to look at ways to solve our clients’ business challenges regardless of whether the brief exists or not.”

The problem is, Tic Tac only commands a small retail space. They’re dwarfed by bigger new-kids-on-the-block that demand a larger share of shelf because of their plus-size packaging. Razorfish took a proactive idea to the team at Tic Tac that would inspire candy-lovers to look closer, ensuring they always found their favourite candy.

Ever heard of the saying “It’s All In The Details”? That’s exactly what the Tic Tac Look Closer campaign set out to promote.

Razorfish created a series of four super-tiny posters, the same size as Tic Tac packages at a super-tiny budget that brought super-huge smiles.

The posters were placed around Hong Kong and photographed for Tic Tac’s social media pages. It became easy for fans to look closer on Facebook (mobile version too) and discover the details in the posters.

The audience started creating their own Tic Tac Tiny posters and taking photos of them to share via Tic Tac’s Facebook page.

The aim of the campaign was to secure big attention for small cost. More attention online would mean increased likelihood of small Tic Tac favourites being discovered at point of purchase.

Social engagement escalated during the campaign. In fact, the campaign secured engagement ROI, almost quadrupling average engagement rates at times. Tic Tac Tiny Posters became one of the most effective engagement campaigns in the brand’s Hong Kong history.

The Tic Tac Tiny Posters campaign was led by Lutricia Kwok and Rex Chung, Tic Tac Marketing Team and Christian Teniswood, Razorfish Creative Director, plus Nathan Hau, Joyce Ma, Phimely Tam, Yan Yeung, and Jacob Lloyd.