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‘Tis the season for ASO

With the end of the year coming just around the corner, many advertisers are already preparing for the upcoming behemoth sale period – Singles day 11/11, Black Friday-Cyber Monday, and Christmas Sale. Competition is going to be fierce, the marketplace will be flooded with ads, causing the market environment to be extremely competitive and cluttered with brands competing against each other to be the first to appear in front of a potential consumer.

Whilst everyone is competing to see who can afford the highest bid, it is also important to update our storefront, making sure we are displaying the “decoration” which are appropriate to the respective season. Imagine this situation, when you are preparing to celebrate Christmas, the decorations should give a Christmassy feel to the environment. Similarly, when your business is preparing for the upcoming Singles Day sale, besides making sure that your paid advertising messages and images have been changed to reflect that, it is also important to make sure that your storefront is saying the same message as well. Storefront here, refers to your App Store Front in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

With more than 75 per cent of your app downloads comes via organic searches, it further stresses the important of optimizing your store front and your keywords in the app stores. Leveraging on this insight, it is important to ensure that your marketing message is coherent across all channels, including your app store front.

Here are three simple steps to get you started with:

Subtitle: Changing several words in your Subtitle to reflect the current promo would help give your potential customer a good first impression on your business, simply because that’s amongst the first thing that they will see when they search for an app organically.

Indexed Keywords: Updating your current keywords to include several of they important seasonal keywords would definitely help on the discoverability of the app when people are searching on generic terms in the app store. For instance, keywords such as “singles day sale” can be included during 11/11, but should be replaced with “Christmas presents” when it comes to Christmas Day.

Screen Capture Image: The content of the images can remain, but perhaps the look and feel of it can be changed to better reflect the seasonality – be it Singles day, Black Friday, or even Christmas. This would enable your store front to resonate better with the people who lands on your store front.

Remember that it is equally important to update your own media as it is with your paid media collaterals, because ultimately the communication to the customers should be consistent across all channels.

Kenneth Wong

Kenneth Wong is the Regional Strategy Manager, APAC, at M&C Saatchi Mobile. With a wealth of experience in the digital media space, he has a strong understanding of how data can inform an advertiser’s strategies. Kenneth has spent most of his almost decade-long career in media agencies, previously working at companies such as Carat, IPG, and Vizeum, where he specialized in Digital Strategies and Consumer Insights. Kenneth’s strong passions for digital and mobile predated his professional work, which, alongside the advantage of growing up in an era so focused on these mediums, gives him an edge in understanding the roles different platforms play within consumers’ daily lives, as well as first-hand knowledge of the convergence between offline and online media.