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Toast Box celebrates Kopi culture with new game

It is no secret that Singaporeans are obsessed with their local coffee (or Nanyang Kopi for the local die-hards). To celebrate and pay homage to the local coffee culture, Toast Box has recently launched a new game aptly titled ‘Kopi Run’.

Players assume the role of a Kopi Master and score points by selecting the correct combination of ingredients to serve up each customer’s beverage order. Based out of the extensive Kopi Lingo that Singaporeans are familiar with, such as “Kopi O Kosong” and “Teh C Peng”, the game also aims to educate consumers on our local beverages in a fun and interactive way.

The game was available in both desktop and mobile versions for consumers to try their hand at serving up a running list of beverage orders in a race against time. Players are encouraged to share their high scores on social media and challenge their friends. To amplify this initiative that was thoughtfully-designed to engage and educate a new generation of consumers, Toast Box will be giving away more than $1,000 worth of prizes to the top 10 players, rewarding the best ‘Kopi Masters’ who score the most points in 60 seconds.

When asked about inspiration for the game, Soh Lizhen, Senior Brand Manager of Toast Box said, “Just like how the game’s 8-Bit treatment is a nod to vintage games of the past, Toast Box strives to reintroduce Nanyang culture with a fun and modern twist while staying true to what we’re familiar with.”

Jointly developed by (IPG Mediabrand’s) Society, Toast Box’s social media agency since July 2017, the game attracted 9,250 people to the site just two weeks after its launch on December 4 and was available till 31 December 2017.

“This game is not only highly relatable for locals but also a great way for non-locals to get a taste of our extensive Kopi Lingo borne out of our obsession with Kopi,” said Tan Xing Long, Social Media Manager of Society.