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Trending in India: AAP invites donations on Twitter

If you are residing in the National Capital of India, one particular piece of news that is always trending in India is its government – Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party and its initiatives and this time it is for donations. As the name of the party suggests, AAP is going to the aam aadmi and inviting donations to run the government. I am skeptic about the success of this donation drive but if the party still enjoys its undisputed majority like its did during the Delhi Assembly elections earlier this year, then it might be successful in getting the love of masses – and some cash.

With trends such as #IFundHonestParty, #AamAadmi, #AAP, #ArvindKejriwal doing rounds on social media, conversations have been fuelled about the works of the party and its future. The party is not inviting donation for any of its ground-breaking initiatives but for its daily operations. “41 of his 66 MLAs are Crorepati’s & he’s going around begging people for INR 10 donations! Who are we kidding? #Nautanki,” Priti Gandhi tweeted. It also makes me wonder where are my taxes going?

Meanwhile, some fans of the party are also launching campaigns on Twitter. Twitteratis are promising INR 5-10 for every retweet they get will go to AAP, the tweet said, “Will donate 10 rs for every RT in next 24 hrs.I still support them because they are the hope for the next gen India.#IFundHonestParty.” They are also posting images of cheques and other receipts of donations they have made and encouraging other to do the same. “Invest in a Better Life. Invest in Clean Politics. #Donate4AAP #IFundHonestParty,” said a tweet by Suraj Rai.

Largely the response has been positive for the donation drive and social media has emerged as a catalyst in the process with people sharing their stories and their belief in the party and how is it expected to change the face of Indian politics. There are numbers that support the sentiment, according to a tweet by Amit Mishra, “Donation to @aamaadmiparty for the day (Jul 14 ) has just crossed INR.8,00,000.”

Mr Kejriwal has promoted the donation drive by urging the people to help AAP practise honest politics. At a conferences he admitted that the party has record of every rupee it has accepted and now needs more to run the government and do it through honest means.

We have seen Twitter being realised as a platform for a number of drives and social campaigns but this is a maiden effort by a government inviting donations and generating conversation on social media about the same. Social media has unarguably emerged as a platform for dissemination of information and participation of masses in the same.