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Trending in India: Delhi gears up for Micromax Indian aces

As International Premier Tennis Leagues takes the Indian capital by storm with grand-slam level fever seen amongst most tennis fans in the country. This is the first time tennis legends such as Peter Sampras and Roger Federer will be travelling to India to be a part of this new format.

Roger Federer’s trip to India has created buzz online as photoshopped images of the tennis player at popular Indian tourist destinations were shared of Twitter and the best ones were favorited and retweeted via Federer’s official handle on the social networking site.

Lately, Tennis is emerged to be among the one of the most thoroughly enjoyed sports in India and this new format introduced in the circuit is expected to draw more fans in the Indian subcontinent.

However, I still believe that IPTL has not received its due popularity in India. The country has seen a lot of effective marketing campaigns by corporate biggies which have been successful in altering the thought process of the consumer and social media is the new fad that advertisers are approaching platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in a bid to sell their product. In this case, social media can play a huge role in lifting the subdued interest toward IPTL coming to India over this weekend.

Unfortunately, the IPTL wasn’t received with much fanfare as against the Cricket’s Indian Premier League but traces of increased following can be seen in the country and hopefully when these four teams – Micromax Indian Aces, Singapore Slammers, UAE Royals and Manila Mavericks, visit again next year to showcase next leg of competitive tennis, it may be seen trending in India in a much larger way.

Mahesh Bhupati, the face behind the IPTL has proposed to bring IPTL to more cities in the following year but has it received an overwhelming response so far? Advertisers and sponsors need to proactively drive the product in India and get it trending in India!