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Trending in India: From #DearNeighbour to #MufflerMan

As ‘Trending in India’ focusses on social and marketing campaigns that get people in India talking during the week, the mention of #DearNeighbour and #MufflerMan is a must. The two are marketing movements that have attempted to alter the thinking process of consumers and make a difference.

My Dear Neighbour
Dear Neighbour is a peace movement campaign aimed at addressing the strained relationship between India and Pakistan. It showcases a three-minute video created by Ram Subramanian from Handloom Picture Company which urges people from two nations to start a conversation and communicate.

The movement started on Twitter with #DearNeighbour and then a page was created on Facebook to urge people to ‘Chat Up’ with the neighbouring nation. Such campaigns can create a difference in the way people think and the relationships they share with others. Dear Neighbour was a step at maintaining cordial relationship with the neighbouring nation – the success of which is yet to be seen. But if the conversation involves Pakistan, trust Indian audiences to have a view.

#Muffler Man a.k.a Arvind Kejriwal
To remember the Muffler Man we need to travel back almost a year when Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) stunned Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with a sweeping response at the Delhi by-elections in December 2013. The BJP party failed to garner majority in Delhi as AAP made its debut in Delhi last year.

A year later as Delhi winter grips the city and it is time to elect a new government for the city, #MufflerMan was seen trending on Twitter where social media users shared their comments on Mr Kejriwal’s fashion statement with a muffler tied around his head.

Mr Kejriwal’s brand manager effectively used his trademark muffler to carve out a personality for him and create a brand in the backdrop of Delhi elections. Through this campaign, they seek to undo the mishaps of the party that happened over the last one year and beckon the memory of its performance in 2013 elections.

The #MufflerMan may be riding high on people’s expectations from the Delhi elections while some say that the party will not be able to replicate the same response it got last year. The perception of the user and the Indian political space has transformed drastically in the last one year.

Marketing and public relations personnel’s need to constantly innovate to make a difference in the mind of people. And Digital Market Asia tries to find out what has actually made a difference among consumers in India through ‘Trending in India’ every week. It may be too soon to evaluate the impact of the two campaigns but it certainly got people in India talking.