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Trending in India: ‘Happy New Year’… Rohit Sharma… Really!!!

Devoid of movie and gadget releases this week, India quietly let the week slip by without any thunderous plans for the weekend. But the three Cs that are always trending in India are Crime, Cricket and Cinema. We have already had an overdose of crime as it is hard to miss out on it.

This brings us on to Cricket and Cinema, and this is what were are going to discuss further in this edition of ‘Trending in India’. I am not particularly proud of this but the cinema news that has reached my ears is that Shah Rukh Khan’s  ‘Happy New Year’ is close to the INR 400 crore mark globally. Why is it so that every new release in the Bollywood industry is making record box office collection?

There are a lot of movies which now make it evident that it is not a tough job to enter the INR 100 crore club in the Indian cinema. And according to me the main reason for the success of Happy New Year is that – it is a perfect mix of all the Bollywood movies that we have loved in the past and miss it in the present. This one was liberally sprinkled with such dialogues in bid to keep the audience glued to their chairs. But did this formula work? Well…the number suggest so.

Now, let us jump to the other C – Cricket. No one can ever go wrong if they say that Cricket was trending this week in India because it always is. Following Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography Playing It My Way, this was the week for players on field and one which gathered the interest of Twitter users was – Rohit Sharma.

Rohit Sharma’s performance at the five series one-day internationals between India and Sri Lanka fetched him enormous praise as he hit 264 runs surpassing Virendra Sehwag’s record of 219 runs.

It was not only the cricket fans talking about the record but his teammates also tweeted kudos messages for the cricketer. I don’t know how long we might have to wait for another record but I assure you that it will feature in ‘Trending in India’ and will not disappoint the fans!

Barring Happy New Year’s and Rohit Sharma’s record, this week was something that I would like to call boring. Hoping to find something other than crime, cricket and cinema that will keep us engaged over the next week, until then just watch out for the three Cs.