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Trending in India: #IndraniMukherjea and #ArnabSpeaksToPeter

The Indian media industry is never short of news from the crime industry and this week it was the media industry itself that was making news. Indrani Mukherjea, wife of TV tycoon Peter Mukherjea, was arrested for murder of her daughter and #ArnabSpeaksToPeter was doing rounds on Twitter on Thursday night as Times Now TV anchor Arnab Goswami engaged Peter Mukherjea on a phone call to discuss his knowledge of the murder.

The murder case of Sheena Bora has managed to baffle the Indian audience largely because of the number of people involved in the case and their relation to the murder. On social media, the case has been described in rather an odd manner, “Indrani Case in a nut-shell: A second wife of her third husband is charged along with her second husband of killing her daughter from her first husband who was having an affair with her third husband’s son from his first wife.”

#ArnabSpeaksToPeter was among the top trends on Twitter on Thursday night when Arnab Goswami hooked Peter Mukherjea on the Times Now News Hour over a phone call. But Twitter users were left angered by the move and some of the tweets include, “Journalism at it’s epic worst #ArnabSpeaksToPeter,” by Aradhana Mahtani; and “Nobody can be an expert of everything. Media think they are capable to judge all. Just their ignorance & foolishness #ArnabSpeaksToPeter,” by Sushil Kumar, among other nasty tweets.

Twitteratis have also expressed their dismay over the coverage of the murder case. The Sheena Bora murder case has managed to over shadow other news such as ISRO Launch, Patel Agitation in Gujarat and One Rank, One Pension but the media industry has decided the dedicate the efforts toward untangling the family tree of Indrani Mukherjea. “Pity that on a day media should be celebrating successful launch by ISRO, we are all glued to sordid #IndraniMukherjea bloody saga,” said Madhu Kishwar.

Nevertheless, the pace of developments on the case is phenomenal. The Mumbai Police, the informer and news channels have become extremely proactive to find the missing links in the story but some details continue to be unanswered.

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