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Trending in India: Recovery period after ‘Cricket fever’

Cricketing fans across the country may refuse to read any further due to the hurt and pain caused by the headline. Many Indian working employees, who called in sick for work yesterday to watch the semi-final of ICC Word Cup 2015 between India and Australia, think that all their prayers have all gone in vain.

Among the few who did report to work yesterday were not found at their workstation but in the cafeteria watching their hopes die every second until the match reached the breaking point and Australia booked the final berth with a 95 runs margin.

But I will not deepen the wounds or give you a review of the semi-final match (because that isn’t my field of expertise). I don’t know how much excitement is left in ICC Cricket World Cup with defending champions out of the picture and both host countries fighting the final battle.

The day started very well with #IndvsAus and hopes high during breakfast that India will beat Australia in a nail-biting epic semi-final battle. This continued until lunch when India was batting with 70 runs with no loss of a wicket but later the picture wasn’t equally charming…and then there was no coming back from tea-time.

What followed the loss at the semi-final was agony and sorrow pouring on Facebook and Twitter and actually more agony for Virat Kohli returning to the pavilion with just one run in his kitty while some maintained enthusiasm and congratulated Team India for its performance at the World Cup . People are not short of creativity if India and Cricket have to be put in the same sentence.

Yesterday’s semi-final match in Sydney was a lot more than just cricket, it was a pack of whole new content for new channels in the coming week. I am sure that video editors in news channels were eagerly waiting for the final verdict to begin working on the world cup footage. Were they supposed to work on a tragic documentary or Chak De India for the Cricket team.

But more disappointing than the match was Times Now take on it. It started #ShamedInSydney but the plan to gain viewership with a hard-hitting header backfired when people in India called it an insult to the sporting spirit and attack on our beloved Team India. On Twitter soon the focus was shifting from the India’s defeat to Time Now’s #ShamedInSydney and replaced it with #ShameOnTimesNow conveying its revolt against the trend.

Following the gloominess of last evening, people in India have reached the phase of recovery period of Cricket fever. Now, it is time to uninstall World Cup apps from your smartphones and create space for non-cricket content. For the next four years we can look forward to #WillGetItBack trending. We have had enough world cup trends on Twitter, brand campaigns, expert columns, good business for sports bars, but next week we should be looking at non-cricketing hashtags for ‘Trending in India’.