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Trending in India: Social media cat fights

What is trending in India and abroad all the time are social media wars. Teenagers have moved past fist fights in schools and resorted to social media pranks and now the even reputed brands and technology oriented companies are falling prey to social media wars in form of a ‘marketing tactic.’

Most recent and closer home was the Twitter war between Kit Kat India and Kit Kat South Africa in backdrop of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. At the World Cup, the 140 characters of Twitter are making more noise than the teams. Each match is played like a battle but a bigger battle breaks out in the digital circuit with one side celebrating and the other in anguish.

In the run up to the India versus Pakistan match, cricketing fans from both the nations were all over social media posting comments which showcased the passion for the sport. But among a pool of World Cup themed marking campaigns the one that was trending in India was the Twitter war between the official accounts of Kit Kat India and Kit Kat South Africa ahead of the India versus South Africa match.

Kitkat India posted ‘ @kitkatsa An epic battle awaits #GameOn’ as teams of South Africa and India approached the heat with  3-0 past record. What followed was a Twitter war between the Chocolate brands’ accounts of the two countries with fire crackers and witty comeback. The match was won by India on the field but there is no scorecard to declare a winner for the Twitter battle.

Ecommerce companies are not far behind with global online shopping baron Amazon and India’s poster boy Flipkart. Reddit posted a photograph of Flipkart’s reception with Amazon’s packaging box in the corner. The innocent comment by Reddit saying, “Even @Flipkart Orders from @Amazon!” invited a series of messages from Flipkart and Amazon commencing a Twitter war between the two.

The Twitter war between Flipkart and Amazon can be described as an extension of the newspaper ads of Flipkart and Snapdeal in a national daily before Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale where ecommerce players had plastered the Indian media with messages of their respective discount sales. Riding on the ecommerce wave in India, the competition between companies is fierce and social media such a Twitter become a platform for the tension between the brands.

Brands such as Kitkat, Flipkart and Amazon have only marked the beginning of the trend where companies are using the power of social media to fuel their ‘marketing tactic.’ So, there is right or wrong in social media, it is all about who can gives a better comeback against the rival brand and maintains the trending ‘hashtag’.