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Trending in India: Stay calm and use 3G

Following the principle of arithmetic and count tally the clear choice for this week’s Trending in India was the Sheena Bora Murder Case with latest development but I decided to ditch the obvious and something that you are already know to something that might be life altering for you – #Airtel4G. Amid much fanfare, Airtel had launched its 4G service for Indian mobile internet users and boasted of the fist mover advantage in the 4G space but recent media reports suggest that the Airtel Mobile Challenge has backfired for the telecom giant.

Twitter is abuzz with strongly worded hate messages for the macho 4G connection and user have complained of the perennials problems with internet connectivity in India. The television commercial of the Airtel 4G challenge claims the Airtel 4G provides the fastest internet network and if you can find a faster network, Airtel will bear the mobile bills. However, media reports suggest that Airtel 4G is going to a tough one on back of blind spots in certain areas.

It is possible the Airtel’s project was way too ambitious for a country where the internet penetrations is still picking up in Tier II and Tier III towns and operators continue to be haunted by challenges on the infrastructural front. But the blind spots are significant on metro cities such as Mumbai and Delhi where the speed of network is not as promised by the largest telecom operator in the country.

Marketing pundits may put the strain on Airtel saying that in bid to gain the first-mover advantage ahead of Reliance-Jio’s 4G, Airtel launched its 4G in a rush and placed its focus on speed rather a data tariff. In such a scenario, sticking to its promise may pose a stiff challenge. Aitel is committed to improve the connection by addressing infrastructural concerns. But until other players join the 4G league, Airtel will be forced to face the wrath of disappointed 4G users in India.

Some instances of the wrath include, “Enjoy the fastest mobile internet with #Airtel4G but only if you can find the network”; “I use #Airtel3G which works like 2G. So I guess by using #Airtel4G I will finally be able to enjoy 3G. Not a bad deal!”; and “Misleading campaigns #Airtel4G compatible only on ‘certain’ handsets. Only if the ads said this loud n clear, it would save ppl time,” among others.

While some may be agitated for lack for service by #Airtel4G I will patiently want for the situation to improve before changing my connection to 4G (Read: I am an Airtel user). Until then, let’s stay calm and continue using the 3G.