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Trending in India: US Prez Obama’s Bollywood route to India

It was the US President Barrack Obama’s three-day visit to the Capital that was trending in India this week. India celebrated its 66th Republic Day on Monday and every year India invites the head of a foreign nation to experience the zest of Republic Day parade at Rajpat and this time Mr Obama consented to be the chief guest for the occasion.

Though the sky was gloomy with a light drizzle in the morning but the vigour of the contingents at the Republic Day was sufficient to wipe the rain water away. At the Republic Day, besides the the US President and the First Lady Michelle Obama sitting in the bullet proof enclosure; the all-women contingents and the tableau of the ‘Make in India’ programme, Prime Ministers home grown initiatives at the Republic Day parade were the major attractions that managed to gather the applause from the audience.

Next, just before Mr Obama was to depart for Saudi Arabia to mourn the death of Saudi King Abdullah, he delivered his final speech at Siri Fort concluding his three-day trip to the National Capital under the leadership of Narendra Modi and taking with himself his new discovered fondness for his dear friend PM.

It must be noted that this visit by Mr Obama was different for many other official visits by foreign minister to India when they discuss their bilateral relationship with India. Indo-US relations under the new government must be seen in a new light.

In the last six years, I have heard people talk about what an phenomenal orator Barack Obama is and he defended the title at Siri Fort too when the US President decided to take the Bollywood route to woo his Indian fans. When the president delivered the Bollywood punch from film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, “Senorita, bade, bade desho mein.. You know what I mean,” Mr Obama garnered an applause from the audience who greeted his humour with cheers.

Bollywood is a formula for Indian audience with 100 per cent response rate, and it worked no different for Mr Obama and I am sure that marketers must have gasped seeing such as favourable response. But does Bollywood appeals only when foreign celebrities talk about it?

India is a globalised economy and its bilateral ties cannot be treated indifferently and it is not just about the external affairs minister indulging in diplomatic discussion with external affairs official of foreign nations but it included US President having a Chai pe Charcha the Indian Prime Minister and greeting the Indian audience with ‘Namaste’ and ‘Jai Hind’. Therefore, it is no surprise that the US President was infact trending in India this week.