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Trending in India: What is allowed or not?

This week has not been a pleasant experience for many across the globe. Innocent school-going children from our neighbours in Pakistan were targeted and killed in a shooting spree by six men in Peshawar but the chills were spread across boundaries. During the week different publications and freelance writer expressed wrath on the incident through words on among the most strongly worded was of business daily The Economic Times.

et headlineThis made me wonder can we actually do that? On Tuesday morning, the newspaper carried the headline ‘Butchered and B**tards’, which is something very bold and I cannot remember the last I saw the use of such words by a national publication. The Economic Times has always showcased its creativity with headlines such as ‘Band Bajja Bernanke’ on US Federal Reserve announcement and Reserve Bank of India Raghuram Rajan in James Bond avatar when he was appointment as the governor.

The current era of journalism has no rules. We can always try different styles when it comes to writing stories and strongly worded headlines if the situation demands so. The news of the attack must have reached the tech-savvy though new media but there is still a large chunk of Indian readers who rely on the morning newspaper to get their daily update and it is not very frequent that mainstream news takes precedence for a business newspaper.

When budding journalists just enter the professional industry it takes them a little while to come out of the romanticism mode and understand how it actually works but when you see such headline it hits back that media does touch lives across boundaries. No matter where the event may have occurred and proximity does not matter if the magnitude of the crime is sufficient to shake the nation.