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Tribal Fusion is Philippines’ top display ad provider

Audience measurement solution Effective Measure has ranked online advertising provider Tribal Fusion as the highest-reach display-advertising provider in the Philippines. Tribal Fusion reached more than 6 million unique users in March 2012 to hit the top spot in online advertising in Philippines.

According to Effective Measure’s OpenView audience measurement system, Tribal Fusion reached 6.1 million unique browsers in the Philippines in March which is around 36% of the country’s total internet population. Talking about how the agency became the top online advertising provider in the country, Rovy Rivera, business development manager Tribal Fusion Philippines, said  “We are seeing Filipino consumers keeping up with global trends – increasingly communicating online, engaging with social media, consuming and distributing content digitally and largely dependent on the internet for entertainment. Tribal Fusion is quick to learn about these emerging consumers – their demographics, lifestyles, behaviors – enabling us to engage with them effectively.”

Tribal Fusion, which is a division of global digital advertising company Exponential Interactive, first opened its office in the Philippines two years ago. The agency in this period has been quick to take the leadership position because of its ability to create ad solutions that tap into the growing consumerism in the market. Effective Measure further showed that the figures put Tribal Fusion at the top of its rankings for ad networks, which as a whole reached 17.8 million unique browsers, a significant increase over the same period last year. Dinesh Arasaratnam, regional director, Southeast Asia, Effective Measure, added, “As more Filipinos engage with the internet, we believe that Tribal Fusion will quickly become a key player in the region.”