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Tribal Fusion tops as display ad provider in Malaysia

Tribal Fusion, the global online advertising provider owned by Exponential Interactive, has emerged as the highest-reached display-advertising provider in Malaysia in a market study by Effective Measure. The study by audience measurement solution agency Effective Measure shows that the global online advertising provider reached nearly 7.7 million unique browsers in July 2012 in the country.

Explaining the reason behind these impressive numbers, Kelvin Tan, senior business director, Tribal Fusion Malaysia said, “Tribal Fusion’s growth, as reported by Effective Measure in Malaysia, is insightful to the increased demand among digital media owners for global, trusted partners to help them monetize their display inventory.”

He added that even the advertisers are looking for solutions that help them learn about, reach and engage their online audiences more effectively, which is what Tribal Fusion is offering its clients. “We’re excited to be the reported highest-reach display provider in the region and aim to use our growing scale as a platform to serve our media owner and advertiser partners even better,” Tan informed. Tribal Fusion offers online advertising solutions to other Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.