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Twitter puts new paid video ads on top of timeline

In an effort to attract more ad dollars, Twitter has rolled out a new paid video ad format called First View. What makes the feature different from its previous ads is that this allows video ads to appear on top of user’s profiles, which makes it the top spot for advertising.

“Today we’re introducing First View: an engaging and highly visible way to share your brand story with compelling video creative across Twitter’s massive audience.Each day, millions of people come to Twitter to engage in conversations about their passions and every topic of interest that continually shapes culture. At the same time, marketers come to Twitter to reach this live, premium audience through Promoted Trends and Promoted Moments, creating significant brand moments for their product launches, event sponsorships, and film premieres. Now, with First View, marketers can scale their efforts even further,” the company said in an official blog post.

Twitter first view

First View will allow marketers to achieve significant audience reach with exclusive ownership of Twitter’s most valuable advertising real estate for a 24-hour period. When users first visit the Twitter app or log in to twitter.com, the top ad slot in the timelines will be a Promoted Video from that brand.

The feature is currently rolled out to marketers in US, but will be expanded globally soon.

“Word of mouth is more important than it has ever been in movie marketing. And there is no better word of mouth social platform than Twitter. Twitter’s First View is a great opportunity to widely distribute our trailer for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates while generating buzz and social conversation. We are able to hit a broad movie-going audience with great video in a way that not just garners views, but actually creates social momentum,” Marc Weinstock, President of Domestic Theatrical Marketing, 20th Century Fox said in a statement about First View.

Shubhi Tandon

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