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Twitter’s Rishi Jaitly on bringing the ‘real-time’ element

How many times in a day do you check your Twitter Feeds? Have you ever wondered what actually goes behind generating views from millions of people across the globe. With the help of technology, the activity of communicating information has transformed and with ease of technology we can see more consumers accessing the social media platform.

When marketers are looking to disseminate content for a brand, social media serves as a suitable platform largely because of the number of people accessing it. Among the big daddies of the social media community, Twitter has managed to alter the meaning for advertising like no other platform.

According to Rishi Jaitly, Country Head-India of Twitter, the micro-blogging platform is a realisation of Gutenberg’s dream because through Twitter on mobile the consumer can experience events in real time.

He explained that around 75 per cent of the tweets on the social media platform are viewed within one hour of the tweet made by a user. They leverage largely on the mobile-first phenomena in India to push digital marketing in India.

But the platform does not wish to ignore any section of the community. Twitter also launched a SMS (short messaging service) in India that is not limited by digital or computer. Its acquisition of Bengaluru’s ZipDial is a venture into the same space.

Twitter is not only a platform for consumer but also offers an opportunity to the marketers to understand the choices and preferences of the consumer as Twitter gives them access to a large pool of information in form of Twitter conversation.

Twitter is serving as a reliable platform also in case of emergencies and social causes, added Mr Jaitly. There are a number of blood drives and other donation campaigns which are carried out on Twitter.

The year 2014 was a crucial year for Twitter in India on the back of significant events such as General Election and the social-media active Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming into power. Also, there was an adequate dose of the T20 World Cup for the cricket crazy nation and in the same year, India also added ISRO’s Mars Mission under its achievements. With Twitter in the background, a new layer of experience was added to these events.