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Understanding diversity and marketing

In contemporary times, gender bias and diversity are becoming less of an issue and are more relevant to digital marketers than ever before. For Aliza Knox, the Managing Director of Online Sales of APAC Twitter, Bianca Stringuini, the Head of Diversity & Inclusion of APAC JP Morgan Chase, Ben Quandt, CEO of The Gunnery and Tehani Perara, the Head of Campus Recruiting Asia & Co-Chair of Singapore’s Women Community with Bloomberg, this change presents an opportunity for their respective companies.

Talking about their company’s views were on diversity marketing to actively market to specific groups, Ms Stringuini stated, “You want to target your customer, but you don’t want to label them. We should treat customers as people, unique people.”

This opinion was also supported by Mr Quandt who mentioned, “We are more similar than we are different. Take of the blinkers and look at people for who they are -humans.”

For both Ms Stringuini and Mr Quandt, the diversity and gender bias that exists in today’s world is not of major significance, instead they believe that their companies can optimise the opportunity of diversity marketing by treating their customer base as normal beings.

There are pros and cons of diversity inclusion and marketing in the workplace and it can have an impact on a company’s overall work image. Ms Perara stated, “Everyone has their own opinions and the right to how they want to feel. While being inclusive you want to make sure everyone feels okay being themselves and being true to what they are.”

Ms Knox reiterated this and said, “A number of Silicon Valley firms have published their own diversity profiles over the last year which is a good step, but there remains room for progress.”

The speakers were speaking at the ad:tech ASEAN conference which kicked off in Singapore on July 7, 2015. Over 60 industry experts were a part of the ad:tech ASEAN conference this year. The two-day event is focussing on ‘Reaching Digital Distinction’ in the region which is the theme for the event.