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Unif reminds Thais to eat vegetables and fruits

In Thailand, everyone can often find tasty food and snacks everywhere but there are often lacking in nutritional value, especially vegetable and fruit nutrients. This often proves inadequate for office workers.

A vegetable juice brand, Unif aims to encourage Thais to consume more vegetables and fruits with its new campaign film ‘400’.  The title is based on research of how vegetable & fruit 400 grams per day is the recommended daily intake by WHO.

The campaign which was conceptualised by GREYnJ UNITED is designed as a ‘romanocumentary’ (romance + documentary) dispensing nutritional trivia in a humorously snarky manner. By likening office workers to wild animals, the film introduces a girl on a mission to save her secretly like office mate from ‘extinction’, due to his deficient dietary habits prevalent in many Thais.

Upon launch, the film has been viewed over three million times over the course of three days, to positive comments who have committed to adopting healthier lifestyles and dietary habits.