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Visual content startup Olapic expands presence in APAC

Olapic, a visual content solutions startup, has expanded in the APAC region to help support the growing use of influencer and user-generated content (UGC) by brands. In collaboration with its parent company, Monotype, Olapic will occupy office space in Hong Kong, Tokyo and within the Unilever Foundry Level3 co-working space in Singapore to service brands across the region.

“Modern consumers are demanding more from brands than ever before. From personalized messaging and offers, to seeking authentic brands that align with their personalities and value sets, consumers no longer have patience for disjointed or irrelevant experiences. We look forward to working with brands in APAC to help them build deeper more meaningful relationships with their customers through the use of UGC and other innovative content formats,” said Jose de Cabo, co-founder, Olapic.

The expansion is reinforced by findings from a recent study released by Olapic indicating a sharp rise in the use and importance of user-generated content (UGC) across the region, with 86 per cent of brands saying UGC will be a valuable part of their 2017 marketing strategy. The study, “Asia’s Evolving E-Commerce Market” conducted by WBR Digital on behalf of Olapic, shows UGC’s growing prominence with 98 per cent of respondents reporting an increase in consumer photos tagged to their brand on social media over the past year. Many brands also reported positive experiences when implementing UGC in marketing efforts with 68 per cent saying consumers’ photos proved effective when integrated in social advertising. As a result, confidence in UGC is growing among brands in Asia – 85 per cent believe UGC inspires trust in their products and 68 per cent believe it encourages sales.

Retailers and digital marketers such as TSI Holdings in Japan, see the rising importance of creating more authentic dialogue with customers. With more than 34 retail brands, TSI Holdings was able to increase conversion rates across several of its e-commerce properties and saw improvement and increased performance in social media advertising by implementing Olapic solutions. TSI Holdings brands currently using Olapic include Jill by Jill Stuart, Free’s Mart, N. Natural Beauty Basic, and Proportion Body Dressing.

“TSI Holdings strives to be on the forefront of digital marketing and leads the industry in innovative e-commerce practices. We believe visual marketing and user-generated content is key to increasing revenue and creating an emotional connection with our consumer. We are constantly looking for the best partners and selected Olapic for their industry-leading technology platform to help increase our engagement and digital marketing performance,” said Matahiro Kashiwagi, CDO, TSI Holdings.