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Volvo calls upon Thor to show #PurePower

As the New Volvo S90 T8 Plug-in Hybrid was expected to arrive during the peak of the thunderstorm season in Thailand, Volvo Car Thailand and GREYnJ United seized the opportunity for a campaign that paralleled the car’s power to the most powerful, yet purest, form of electrical power on Earth.

At the core of it, was the first-of-its-kind “Volvo Lightning-Powered Billboard” – a monumental billboard with the exceptional ability to entice a lightning strike. In collaboration with the engineers from Macco Group, the billboard was fitted with custom-engineered lightning rods, designed to create a world-first spectacle of pure power whenever a thunderstorm occurred above.

Data collected from the meteorological department allowed the tech team to monitor the approach of a thunderstorm to the billboard, and with the help of multiple cameras and infra-red sensors, consumers could witness the unique electrical phenomenon on Volvo Cars Thailand Facebook page.

Social media activations centered on the hashtag #PurePower engaged followers and created online buzz gaining almost $4 Million of free media coverage, and boosted Volvo to the most searched plug-in hybrid brand for the duration of the campaign. The campaign was also supported by radio and various online & digital OOH channels, and sparked a record of 10x more leads that accelerated test-drives. Most importantly, it generated 3x more monthly sales than any previous Thai Volvo campaign.