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XM Asia creates one-of-a-kind site for Malaysian telco Maxis

In order to give its customers an easy to website that will keep them engaged, Maxis Berhad, Malaysia’s only integrated communications service provider, has launched a uniquely constructed website, created by XM Asia Pacific. The unique feature is its interface like that of the popular online retailer Amazon, which delivers tailored information and promotions to individual consumers. This makes Maxis the first in the Asia’s telecommunications sector to deliver such an online experience to consumers, claims the agency.

“This is the kind of online service you might expect from Amazon or a hotel company, but not from a telco. Maxis is completely changing the way they interact and serve customers, and this new platform was created to underpin their new strategy,” said Paul Soon, CEO of XM Asia Pacific.

The new version of maxis.com.my delivers content and promotions tailored to individual users based on their browsing behaviour. “We didn’t start with technology; instead, our development efforts began with the same focal point that drives everything at Maxis: the customer. We investigated the most popular entry points to the Internet for Malaysian consumers, and we found that a significant number start their online experiences at a search engine,” explained Soon.

The site has the capability to understand customers’ preferences by tapping into their existing registration profiles. XM Asia created this by developing a smart search engine that caters specifically to Maxis customers, predicting their needs and finding the information they want more quickly and easily. “Our findings led to a radical new approach for maxis.com.my—we eschewed the typical, hierarchy-laden architectures adopted by most telcos and instead created a flat site built around the activity that comes most naturally to Malaysian Internet users: search,” Soon informed.  The site is built to deliver an optimal viewing experience, whether the customer visits from a smartphone, tablet or traditional PC.

The new maxis.com.my has been designed to promote relevant products, services and other information that customers might not have known to search for in the first place. Visitors can also “like” and “share” information on products and services across social media sites. This will enable Maxis to tap into the growing importance of social media as a driver of purchase decisions, while giving its customers a great way to find products and services that they’re more likely to enjoy, based on their friends’ recommendations. Over the years Maxis has evolved from being a premier mobile operator to one that offers an extensive suite of services whether at home, at work or on-the-go: mobile and fixed voice, messaging, mobile internet, wireless and wired high speed broadband, and multi-screen content and applications – be it entertainment, education, security or cloud computing – through mobile, fixed and satellite networks.