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Yahoo! introduces Genome for online advertising

Yahoo!, the leading digital media company, has launched Genome an online advertising solution. This new platform combines Yahoo! data with interclick’s third party data and advertisers’ first party data along with a premium media footprint to provide marketers with the most complete, custom audience solution in the industry.

Genome is expected to be available in July this year. “Marketers have asked us for a solution that capitalizes on our vast data and our answer to that is Genome. With Genome, we can help marketers transform consumer information and insights into actionable online media executions that enable them to attain the right context and audiences,” said Rich Riley, EVP, Americas Region, Yahoo! Genome is the culmination of a strategy that was put in place last year with the display ad agreement with Microsoft and AOL. This was spun off as a part of the acquisition of interclick, which Yahoo! acquired in December 2011, to create a next generation audience buying solution with greater targeting and personalization capabilities.

Genome, designed to leverage data to improve advertiser ROI, can provide marketers with actionable insights enabling them to conduct campaigns that help meet their objectives, and overcome an ever-evolving set of industry challenges that include the proliferation of data, fragmentation of technology, and outdated planning and buying techniques. “It is great to see Yahoo! continuing to lead in providing unrivalled access to their premium inventory through automated buying systems, as well as making their data and audience technology available to agency customers through our buying platforms. Our customers value the scale and quality of Yahoo!’s audience, and we are excited to take advantage of the increased access Yahoo! is enabling.” said Josh Jacobs, president of Accuen Media, Omnicom’s Trading Desk.

According to Yahoo! Genome can help marketers organize and navigate the chaos of the data ecosystem while delivering results that can build brand value, increase conversion rates, and grow revenue. It combines the best of the technology, data, analytics and media from Yahoo! and interclick; from Yahoo! — premium media and unmatched user data with proven targeting capabilities– and interclick — unified technology stack, third-party data partnerships and expertise in analytics and audiences.