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YippeeClubs enters Indian social network scene

Indiaparenting.com, one of India’s largest parenting website since 1999, has launched its social network platform called YippeeClubs. The company claims it to be India’s first ever interest and issue based social network. The uniqueness of this social networking site is the fact that besides the standard social networking features like photo sharing, videos and making friends, it allows users to join ‘clubs’. These clubs are groups based on particular interests or issues. Currently YippeeClubs.com offers more than 600 clubs spanning 5 main categories including Lifestyles, Love & Relationships, Parenting, Health & Sports, Interests & Hobbies.

“The use of social media is rapidly increasing. While there are existing platforms that offer people a place to interact socially, there is an absence of a platform that enables people to connect with people who share similar interests or issues. For instance, if you have a niche interest like aeromodelling or jazz music, how would you connect with others like you in India? Similarly, if you are facing a serious health or family issue, where would you be able to find others in the same situation? That’s where YippeeClubs.com comes in.” said Nirali Sanghi, Founder & Promoter of YippeeClubs.

YippeeClubs.com also offers parents an opportunity to record and share their children’s milestones, achievements, funny stories, photos, videos and even their growth, height and weight charts. Apart from keeping abreast with friends’ updates, users will also get updates about children in their friends’ network.

Sue Ann Vaz, Product Head, YippeeClubs, stated, “There was a significant amount of research and analysis that went into building YippeeClubs. We focused on definitively identifying gaps in what people are looking to do online – and then plugging them. Users want to converse with people like them, not only with people they know. The connection goes to the next level when one sky diving enthusiast talks to another about drop zones, safety, air resistance or equipment; when one caretaker of a cancer patient talks to another. We built YippeeClubs to give people that level of connection.” According to Vaz, privacy settings on YippeeClubs are easy to control and users are clear about how other users see their information. “Unlike many other social platforms, YippeeClubs has been engineered in a way that no personal details, comments posted, etc. are exposed to search engines,” she added.