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Y&R Singapore helps Caltex in a pan-regional campaign for Techron

Caltex with TechronThe latest regional campaign for Caltex with Techron from Y&R Singapore shows there’s no ‘monkeying’ around when it comes to the multiple benefits of keeping your engine ‘Techron’ clean. Previous campaigns have highlighted that Caltex’s patented additive Techron keeps vehicle engines clean. The latest communication showcases Caltex’ multiple benefits in a series of ads.

The campaign, which extends across TV, online, print, outdoor and in-station, rolls out across the entire Asia Pacific region from October 1 2013.

“The cleaning powers of Caltex with Techron are already well-known thanks to previous campaigns. Last year we had ‘Clean’ which featured bubbles, and this takes ‘Clean’ to the next stage. This ad campaign from Y&R takes Techron to the wider market so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of using it in their engine, demonstrating Techron’s many benefits in an amusing and entertaining way,” explained Caltex’ Brand Manager, Brian Fisher.

“The campaign delivers rational benefits in an emotionally engaging way. It takes Caltex down an interesting road in its brand journey,” added Farrokh Madon, Chief Creative Officer, Y&R Singapore.

Each TV spot demonstrates a different benefit, as the red Caltex car triumphs over another vehicle in a number of situations, helping its occupants ‘Enjoy the Journey’.

Demonstrating performance reliability is ‘Monkey’, which sees a peaceful monkey sanctuary disturbed by an obnoxious sightseer. Our blameless hero and heroine make a hasty escape thanks to Caltex with Techron, as the unruly visitor is let down by his fuel and incurs the revenge of an irate troop of monkeys.

Maximised power is illustrated by ‘Old Lady’, in which a little white-haired lady is ‘cut up’ by a wise-guy, whom she subsequently leaves stunned in her wake with her superb acceleration from the traffic lights – thanks to Caltex with Techron.

Other spots include ‘Angel’ which highlights the benefit of lower emissions; better fuel economy is exhibited by the ‘Sports Fans’ spot.

Agency: Y&R Singapore
Client: Chevron
Brand: Caltex
Client Brand Managers: Brian Fisher, Dorothy Cheong
Chief Creative Officer: Farrokh Madon
Creative Director: Jon Loke
Art Director: Katherine Khor
Copywriter: Colin Koh
Regional Brand Director: Pauline See
Agency Film Producer: Charmaine Wong
Film Director: Barney Chua
Production Company: Mojo Films (Kuala Lumpur Malaysia)
Production Company Producer: Keng H Poo
Post Production: Spice Shop (Bangkok, Thailand)